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My junior high school art teacher was the one who first recognized my creative abilities, and allowed me to attend his advanced art class. I loved it from day one and was a very eager student. But soon I was whisked away to England for my last year of high school, leaving my dear art teacher behind. The art room at the new school was an immediate disappointment and I was never challenged artistically there.

From England I went to Truman University formerly known as Northeast Missouri State University. After earning my B.F.A., I became an art teacher, moved to Newfoundland, Canada, and landed a job at a junior high school. For the next 25 years, I tried hard to be a creative person but family, work and life got in the way many times.

Through those years of teaching I explored many different media including sand blasting glass, printmaking, watercolour, pen & ink, gouache etc. I also became involved with St. Michael’s Printshop, Eastern Edge Gallery, and VANL-CARFAC Visual Artist of Newfoundland and Labrador, four successful artist-run organizations. I learned a great deal about my passion, and soon came to realize that I wanted to be a serious artist.

I’ve been in retirement for several years now and have been involved in various exhibits. I am still discovering new techniques and abilities that I was not able to realize while I was working. I was involved with an Artist group that still works at the Botanical Gardens on a weekly basis. I’ve learned about many new plants and have grown to appreciate my own garden since I now have so much more knowledge about the plants and flowers that I paint. In addition, there are a group of woman artists that were also former teachers who come together on a regular basis to hash out art. It’s such a vibrant, exuberant group that art just becomes infectious from one to the other. We used to have artists retreats in Bunyan’s Cove and did various workshops on our own and at various venus.

I was represented by Spurrell Gallery, Longs Hill, St. John’s, Newfoundland, and Five Island Gallery, Tors Cove, Newfoundland. However, both of these fine estabishmentes have retired from gallery representations.  I’m on my own at the moment.  

Newfoundland is unique. It is a place where ancient travellers came to scoop fish out of the sea at L’Anse Aux Meadows, and Red Bay. There have been early native people at Port au Choix to later settlers at Ferryland who used this land in order to survive or to prosper. All of these factors tie into my great respect for our landscape. It is rough, unpredictable, harsh, beautiful, solitary and ancient. I want to paint it all!

I still love to learn new technique, explore new ideas, and share my knowledge with others.

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